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Project Feasibility Assessment »

When exploring the opportunity to embark on a real estate development project, owners must answer a slew of critical questions to arrive at a go/no-go decision with confidence. Whether it’s reviewing the initial deal, closing on the site, or even up until the start of construction, the need for clarity becomes ever more critical as the relative cost factor becomes an increasing project burden.

It’s for that reason our approach is designed as a fixed-price comprehensive solution. During our Project Feasibility Assessment, we meet with the owners to document the design intent and investment/project guiding principles. We then meet with the design team — including the architect and engineers — to ensure adherence to these principles throughout the design process. We help formulate a project cost and timeline by meeting with potential contractors, builders, the design team, site visits, and factoring in our own depth of experience. We often extend the in-depth analysis to encompass zoning and entitlement issues, meeting with municipal representatives, stakeholders, and land use attorneys in the area.

We provide the highest level of actionable insight and information at a cost-effective price by assisting the owner in identifying and answering key questions. These include, but are not limited to, cost forecasts, realistic duration projections, construction constraints, foreseeable roadblocks, construction type options, and zoning considerations.

Project Health Assessment »

Many critical questions arise during the construction phase of a project. Our Project Health Assessment is designed to provide answers, uncover the unasked questions, and provide professional recommendations and solutions. Throughout the assessment, we’ll meet with the owners, contractor, sub-trades, architect, and engineers. We’ll also conduct site visits, review plans, drawings, RFI’s, change order logs, project reports, budgets, and schedules. We collaborate with the owners to uncover their questions and challenges in order to formulate a defined game plan to answer these questions and propose solutions to help ensure success.

The result is a comprehensive review of the project that will report on the cost, time, quality, and overall health of the project – providing owners with the certainty of knowing where their projects currently stands and what lies ahead.