We know from experience that no two projects are the same. Thus, we’ll never employ a one-size-fits-all approach. LanTree Build prides itself on taking a holistic view of each project, expertly managing the process throughout all phases of the build — all the while distilling complex problems into uncomplicated, easily understood solutions. There are so many moving parts happening seemingly all at once — from partners to contractors to sub-contractors, permitting, utility companies, and even the town police — that the process can be overwhelming. Our services provide an organized approach to what is ordinarily a complex and tangled experience.

project advisory.

Not only does our direct and streamlined process save owners countless dollars, it saves valuable time that they could be using for other endeavors – including ramping up their business. With LanTree Build, owners can tackle several projects at a time as opposed to just one. That’s the power of a 360° solution.

That’s the power of LanTree Build.

We believe before any
structure can be built,
a strong relationship
must be built first.

The LanTree brand is one of the most visible and respected development groups in the area. Led by third-generation real estate developers Raphael Mandelbaum, LanTree Build was built on the core belief that development projects should be designed with an eye toward the success and long-term prosperity of the surrounding community.

Expanding his family’s internationally respected legacy of developing world-class properties across multiple sectors, Raphael has built a company that is laser-focused on delivering a product that is tailored to meet market demand while providing the highest quality of service to all stakeholders involved. With collective real estate experience and achievements spanning more than a century, our team comprises proven leaders in their field with varied backgrounds across all sectors of the real estate industry, as well as other professional disciplines that help bolster the success of the company’s developments.